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Our history

Basketball South Africa (1977-1992)

BFSA had earlier been under suspension since 1977. In 1992, all the racially divided basketball organisations namely – Basketball Federation of South Africa (BFSA) for whites, Midlands Basketball Union (MBU) for coloureds and indians, with the South African Basketball Association (SABA) for blacks were united under the auspices of an interim body called Basketball Union of South Africa (BUSA) that had four members from each organisation, which led to the establishment of Basketball South Africa, and ultimately being readmitted to FIBA.

Basketball SA (2017 and beyond)

South Africa qualified for the 29th Edition of the AfroBasket tournament which took place in Tunisia and Senegal on the 8th of September in 2017. With all the challenges faced, the team was able to put in the effort and attention to prepare for the games.

The Basketball Federation of South Africa (BFSA) was founded in 1953. During the time, women were encouraged to play in the similar but different sport of netball. BFSA was expelled from international tournaments in 1980 by the world governing body International Amateur Basketball Federation (FIBA) in opposition towards the racial policies of the government of South Africa, the voting was 49 in favour with 2 against and 10 abstentions.

NBA Africa (2015)

In 2015 the American NBA held an exhibition game in Johannesburg known as the NBA Africa Game in an attempt to popularise the game further. Tickets were quickly sold out although local games receive less attendances. The game involved an all-star Team Africa vs Team World. The NBA held another installment of the all-star game in 2017.

It means a lot for the NBA, but first of all it means a lot for the African people. I can see how excited all these people in South Africa are for this game. I heard it was sold out in nine minutes, and it means a lot moving forward for people out here to see how the NBA works and for a lot of kids here to be here.

AfroBasket 2017 – Tunisia | Senegal

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Led by the legendary Craig Gilchrist, the South African Men’s team was able to work their way up to the AfroBasket tournament which was held in Tunisia and Senegal. It was such a¬†great showcase of talent or the men who had to overcome multiple challenges to get there. In at the end, they managed to represent the country with print and dignity. We will never forget.

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